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When To Buy Maternity Clothes: The Best Time Guide

Did your pregnancy test appear positive? Oh my God, the excitement on your face tells that it was- congratulations love, I am so happy for you. The memorable journey has started, and so many beautiful moments are going to jump your way.

I’m assuming that you have started wondering and asking questions like, is everything that is happening to you, normal, or what should you do for keeping well, but I can bet that the question you are both excited and nervous about at the same time is when to buy maternity clothes, what size should you go for, or what should you buy, or when to start wearing maternity clothes, and how to style your cute little bump. Am I right?

If yes, then hold on my dear, and take a deep breath, because I am doing all that hustle for you, and going to guide you in every bit about maternity cloth shopping. You just need to scroll down, because here I am also giving you tips to get your maternity clothes inexpensively.

Misconceptions About Maternity Cloth Shopping

The question that most women struggle with is, what size should they go for, and that is where the most common misconception hits them, which is that sizing up is needed to accommodate your growing baby bump, and you should not start buying maternity clothes before your bump grows to the actual size.

However, if you have a look at maternity clothes, you will get to know that there are different sizes of them, which are designed keeping the growing baby bump in mind.

To add up to your excitement, there are pre-pregnancy sizes as well, which are preferred to start with. Astonished? Don’t worry! It is normal because the same was my reaction as I never got to know that pre-pregnancy sizing is also a thing.

The feeling of a little fluid retention will tell you that it is time to go up a size. While buying your maternity clothes, keep a check on the brand sizing chart and your measurements, because different brands have different sizes, and we do not want to take a risk.

Maternity Shopping In the First Trimester To Build Up Your Maternity Wardrobe


The first trimester is the time of pure curiosity; it is the time when anticipation makes you discover things, and you run through websites, trying to grab as much knowledge as you can.

And it is also the time when you are asked to hide your pregnancy, while you, on the other hand, stand in front of the mirror every morning and try to figure out if your bump has grown or not, or can anybody guess that you are pregnant, or when would you be able to start wearing maternity clothes.

And use your fashion enthusiasm to style your bump with fashionable maternity clothes. But it is the time when you can style your non-maternity clothes as well.

Well during the first trimester, the body does not change a lot, so you can easily wear your pre-pregnancy clothes (as I already told you above) or comfy wears. If you feel that the waistband of your pants is getting expanded, you can go for a good pair of jeans, because right now you may not prefer maternity pants or maternity leggings.

The experience of every mother-to-be is different, and so depends on the time for buying maternity clothes. For most of them, it can be between the 8th to 12th week, when they feel like starting with basics.

A high-quality large comfortable bra is what you should have on the top of your maternity clothes shopping list because it is going to help you even during postpartum. A nice pair of slouchy joggers is another must-have to jump into your comfy wardrobe. Interestingly, maternity pants and maternity tops are designed with extra length, so to cover up that baby bump with a perfect fit on it. So, just wear maternity clothes of your choice and slay your way.

Maternity Shopping In the Second Trimester


The second trimester is the time when most mothers-to-be break the news and spill the secret. It is the time when a beautifully grown cute little pregnant stomach, grows enough for everyone to notice it. Again every pregnancy is different but during this period bump grows enough to form that pregnant look.

Must-Haves For Maternity Wardrobe In The Second Trimester

Yay! This is the time to feel better and step out with confidence styling your bump, and here we get the answer to the question, ‘when to buy maternity clothes?’, but wait, we should first make a list of Maternity must-haves before going to shop.

A pair of maternity jeans or full panel jeans which is usually highly wasted is what you would need for your bump, as it will provide you with support and coverage. You can stretch it over your bump, or can also fold it down according to your choice and convenience. If you want to invest in pants, which you want to use on every stage of your pregnancy, full-panel jeans or maternity jeans are what you should go for. You can have any style of jeans, from straight to skinny, to mom jeans or boot cut silhouettes that are full paneled.

Maternity overall is another denim option to make sure your comfiest experience. Styled with a pair of boots and a fitted striped knit top, maternity overalls prove to be the perfect outfit for your growing bump, having extra stretch on the sides.

Maternity bras are another must-have because during pregnancy fluctuations in boobs sizes are normal, and buying new bras and finding them comfortable is difficult pregnant. So, a maternity bra is what you are going to need.

You can fix it according to your size and it will fit you perfectly. The most likely chance to change the fitting is during the 12th to 16th week or between the 29th to 32nd week. You can also go for a seamless nursing bra, which will make it feel like wearing nothing while supporting you, and you can also make use of it even after welcoming the baby.

Shopping In the Third Trimester To Build Your Maternity Wardrobe

In the third trimester, when a baby moon appears on your calendar, you start planning your baby shower, and the anxiety of dressing up like a fashion icon on this big day hits you. Having a curved body will make it a challenge for you to style it beautifully, but the happy you will be about your bump, the more memorable you will enjoy styling it, and you will cherish these beautiful moments later.

During your third trimester, you will feel that your bump is growing faster, so the baby is, as compared to the first and 2nd trimesters. Now you need to pull out your wrap dress silhouettes, shift dress, and maxi dress, to meet your comfort as well as style. This one-and-done maxi dress will help you sparkle, and make a statement, even during those hard days.

You can find fabrics and prints of your choice as there is a huge variety and can style them your way.

The expectant mothers wearing flattering wrap dresses give the vibe of a fashion icon. A double-layered necklace on a v-neckline will perfectly uplift the look, and a wrap tie adjusting with the baby bump will add even more to the frame.

If you are an office-going, pairing the wrap dress with mules and an unbuttoned peplum blazer will do the job. Lastly, if you want to look even more iconic, a black dress with classic gold jewelry will make the limelight effortlessly stop on you.

Now, we got the dresses for your third trimester, but what about shoes? Do not worry dear because I have the solution for this as well. For shoes you should go for the ones with the extra room because your feet are going to swell and grow, so you should keep that in mind while buying your shoes. Just go for the strappy sandals and mules, and you can thank me later.

When To Buy Postpartum And Nursing Necessities


Finally, you have welcomed the baby, and I am so proud of you for doing it so bravely. Sending you virtual applause, and praising your bravery. You would be home by now, cherishing lovely moments, figuring out life, and trying to adjust to the new changes in your body.

Doing all this, you would need some essentials to enter your wardrobe, to pass through this recovery period smoothly. For the first few months, just stick to sweaters, loose roomy tees, joggers, and leggings. If you want to keep the style top-notch, you know that you should go for loungewear.

Buying maternity clothes, people often forget to shop for postpartum, and if they remember, they think that they will do it after the arrival of the baby, but let me tell you that you do not have to wait for it, as you can do it even being pregnant. You can add tanks and nursing bras to your list if you are going to nurse your baby.

Now you would be a pro styling fashionably, as you are doing this for the last nine months, so well dressed while being comfortable at the same time. If you want to feel cozy and look stylish at the same time, I will suggest you, go for cabin core or cottage core. If you want to look even more trendy, but comfort is your top priority, a nap dress layered with soft grandpa cardigans, is what you should go for.

Tips To Buy Maternity Clothes Inexpensively

Though there are a lot of brands, making amazing maternity products, and anyone can fall for them, every mama-to-be would want inexpensive things because bargaining and sales are the things that we women love, and who would not want to buy cheap maternity clothes? But here, keeping bargaining and sales asides, we are going to focus on some other options as follows;

Buy Used Maternity Wear


We can take advantage and buy used maternity clothes because anyone wears them for just a few months, so they remain in good condition and can be used again by others as well. There is a chance that a friend of yours has maternity clothes or maternity dresses and does not mind selling them, so you can avail yourself of the opportunity.

If you cannot find anybody selling her maternity clothes, I would suggest you visit any children’s consignment stores, to buy your maternity clothes.

Borrow Maternity Wear From Your Friend

Borrowing is an option if you do not want to spend a penny. Just look for a friend or somebody around who wears the same size as yours, and you can talk to her, and if she agrees, it will be awesome as from here you can purchase maternity clothes.

Online Auction Sites

Online auction sites also sell maternity clothes, and you can find great deals as people sell the whole lot at one price. Sometimes you may not like the 20% of the lot, but it may still not be a bad deal for you.


Every pregnancy is different and so is the time for buying pregnancy clothes, and despite your pregnancy weight gain, you can still slay in your maternity clothing, making a statement. You need to check your size and body changes and you are good to go shopping for your maternity clothing.

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